MICAH 6:6-8

Micah 6:6-8 New King James Version (NKJV)

6 With what shall I come before the Lord, And bow myself before the High God? Shall I come before Him with burnt offerings, With calves a year old?

7 Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of rams, Ten thousand rivers of oil? Shall I give my firstborn for my transgression, The fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?

8 He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God?

Dr. Gough:

When our two children were small, my dear wife surprised me with gifts of the little shoes in which each had taken their first steps, and learned to walk.

--She had them bronzed, made into prized book-ends.

--Our steps - our walk - are so important, as to who we walk with .. and where they are leading us.

You ask, Can we walk with God? God's Word says so.

--Jesus said, "God is Spirit" (John 4:24). Thus God can be in, and walk with, believers, everywhere.

--For instance, all are walking before God - as children, with parents in a park, who keep an eye on us.

--To Abraham God said, "I am Almighty God, walk before Me and be blameless" (Gen. 17:1). He sees all.

Walking before God is good. But "with God" is best.

--It is like the difference of walkin with friends, or walking with the dearest one you love!

--So very many in the Bible have walked with God, but a familiar one is Enoch, "Enoch walked with God.. three hundred years" (Gen. 5:22). In verse 24, "He walked with God" to heaven, that is, without dying!

--We need God for we "walk in the shadow of death."

So the Bible points us to many, like Micah, who have in a world as difficult as ours, "walked with God."

--Micah was a contemporary of Isaiah and Hosea, prophets and preachers of God, in their generation.

--He wrote, God, "has shown you .. what is good, and what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, love mercy .. walk humbly with your God." Not on our own, God's help!

--Makes us question. Are we? And, Who is our God?

--All kinds of gods out there, some foster terrorism.

Friend, we cannot walk with God, without a Savior!

--Confess our sin, be "born again," by trusting Jesus.

--Plenty of credentials, prophecies fulfilled, and so many followers, who have found Him most faithful.

--Jesus defeated "the world, flesh and devil," by His cross, His bodily resurrection, and Holy Spirit.

--He wants us to defeat evil and temptation by Scripture and prayer, as Jesus did the devil, forty days in the desert, as we read in Matthew chapter 4.

Doctors say physical walks are good for the body, for the exercise thereof; then so are spiritual walks.

--Look what God says, "If you walk in My commandments I will walk among you and be your God" (Lev. 26:3).

--"This is the way (God's way), walk in it" (Is.30:21).

--Jesus said, "Follow Me .. I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me" (John 14:6). And, "He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life" (John 8:12). "Walk in His ways, keep His commands."

--We are to "walk by faith .. in love .. in wisdom .. in the light as He is in the light." How? By God's Spirit!

--And so many before us, who so walked, and still do!

--Such believers are so nedded in our world today.

Think of Noah, in a day when "the wickedness of man..was great in the earth..and the Lord was grieved, in His heart." But Noah differed. Unlike the world!

--Genesis 6:9, "Noah was a just man .. who walked with God." A light in a dark world, soon to be flooded.

--So Noah preached 120 years, while he built an ark.

--He and his family walked so close to God, all were spared when God's flood of judgement came.

--Others scoffed, in sin and unbelief - till it rained!

--As the floods arose, they knocked on the door of the ark - but it was too late, "God had shut the door."

Let's get to know Abraham, a man of faith to whom God appeared in Person, said, "Walk before Me." He did.

--If we fall, let's get up, repent, and grow with God.

--Abraham obeyed, "He walked with God." Let's do it!

Don't say, I'd walk with God too if He spoke to me.

--For God does! In His Word. His Spirit. A sermon.

--A song. Or tug at our heart by a child, or person.

--Without churches or Bibles we have, Abraham had only faith to go on. But he "believed God, obeyed God; walked before, and with God", was called a "friend of God," we read in Isaiah 41:8. What a compliment.

--What will God - and others - say, about us?

Are you a friend of God? A follower of the Lord Jesus, our Messiah? Then, grow in Him by prayer, and Bible.

Moses "walked with God." Who questions that, all the forty years of leading Israel from bondage in Egypt across the lonely, wilderness desert, to the promised, holy, land God had given that nation! All he faced!

--To get Israel out of Egypt, and Egypt out of Israel.

--Delivering from slavery. Molding a wayward nation.

--Facing hunger, rebellion, evil. Many foes without.

--Moses a man of prayer! God answered by miracles - of manna, shoes not wearing out, water from a rock, victories from adversaries and adversities!

--God said to him, "Show them the way they must walk.

--Moses taught them the Word. Showed them the walk.

Then there is Joshua, Moses' assistant and successor, who modeled the good walk all his life - we read this in the Book of Exodus and Joshua, for our profit.

--God said, "Love the Lord your God, walk in His ways."

David, sweet singer of Israel with his Psalms, had his faults - as we all do - but tearfully repented.

--David learned the hard way, sinful pleasure costs.

--Later prayed, "Lord, You delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from falling."

--He promises, "I will walk before the Lord" (Psalm 116).

Centuries record of many others awaiting the Messiah.

--In the Gospels Jesus, the Messiah, came; He chose 12 ordinary men to "walk with Him" those 3 1/2 years.

--In the presence of Jesus, they "walked with God."

--After He arose, Jesus walked the Emmaus Road again with some of them, showing proofs of His scars.

--With changed lives they changed others, and a world!

They never forgot Jesus' wonderful words! His life!

--His death on the cross. His amazing resurrection.

--His unique ascension back to heaven, before them.

--His promise, "to come again .. take us with Him."

--To walk with us, by His Spirit, as we walk with God.

--For Jesus is God. Our kind of God, with skin on.

Hear the Apostle John, Jesus' apostle, "If we walk in the light as He is .. we have fellowship" (I John 1:7).

Depending on God for everything we'll not be defeated in anything - for we humbly yield to God's will.

--We'll know that sweet "fellowship" with the Lord.

Peter, another apostle, said, "Christ suffered for us leaving us an example, that we should follow His steps" (I Peter 2:21) Whose steps? He means Jesus.

Returning from Israel by London, my wife and I worshiped at Wesley's Chapel service, and that night, at Bloomsbury Baptist. Had directions there, not for return to the hotel. What spiritual blessings we had.

--After service, visiting with the crowd, we went out front where we had left the bus, where many came.

--"You must go to a different place," they said, and we started walking toward it - soon realized, lost!

--Late night, in a large, strange city. We prayed.

--A couple came along,"Better than directions," they said, "we will walk .. and wait .. with you! Wow!

--What a blessing they were! That's what Jesus does!

Jesus said, "He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life" (John 8:12).

--As we were that dark night in London, many are spiritually today, "walking in darkness" without God!

--In the darkness of sin. Confusion. Doubt. Fear.

--Hear Jesus, "Come, follow Me," to walk us to heaven.

Just like the couple came along in London, in a time of need, everyone of us need to let Jesus come along.

--My dear one, have you done that? Why not now?

--As a church member, from a godly home, in the Navy, I wanted all of the Lord God He could give me, and on my knees I surrendered all to Jesus, long ago.

--Best thing I ever did, to begin this walk with God!

--I want to walk "with God." I want you to also.

--What a joyous, marvelous life, born again in Jesus.

--Knowing you are not alone. Nor helpless, hopeless.

Life with Christ is an endless hope - but without Jesus, life is a hopeless end. People need the Lord!

--Start your walk - or a closer walk - with God, now.

--Fellow followers will tell you, there is no better One to walk with! Then, bring others, with you.

--The world needs to know!

Wilbert D. Gough, ThD. DD. 856