John 7:37-43

John 7:37-43 New King James Version (NKJV)

The Promise of the Holy Spirit

37 On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.

38 He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”

39 But this He spoke concerning the Spirit, whom those believing in Him would receive; for the Holy Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.

Who Is He?

40 Therefore many from the crowd, when they heard this saying, said, “Truly this is the Prophet.”

41 Others said, “This is the Christ.” But some said, “Will the Christ come out of Galilee?

42 Has not the Scripture said that the Christ comes from the seed of David and from the town of Bethlehem, where David was?”

43 So there was a division among the people because of Him.

Dr. Gough:

"There was a division..because of Him" (John 7:43).

--Divided over Jesus, by people He came to save.

--Jesus came to unite, not divide. What are facts?

Like the Rocky Mountains, Jesus is the Great Divide.

--My parents took us to Colorado to see these majestic peaks called the Continental Divide where rain so close, yet ends oceans apart by this Divide.

--Like people, so close, but end up far from Jesus.

God made us with "free will" to follow Jesus or not.

--Jesus said "If any one thirsts, let him come to Me and drink .. living water" (John 7:37f)

--The choice is ours, "if any one." That is us.

--He invites, we decide. Division is inevitable.

It is sad that divisions come, over many things but especially over eternal life with Jesus, in heaven.

--Some find it hard to believe Jesus is really God.

--A God with skin on! But how else can we know God?

--God is Spirit, unseen, invisible. So Jesus came.

--We are spirit and body. "Christ in you" (Col. 1).

--If God can shine through us, He sure can in Jesus!

A prayerful reading of John 1, or Philippians 2, or the Gospels, or the Book of Hebrews, convinces one.

--Jesus is God alright, with all credentials of the phophets fulfilled, all the miracles He did.

--Hear Him in the Garden of Gethsemane praying that night before His cross, "that they may all be one as we are one" Father (John 17:21). Not divided!

Some say this prayer has not been answered; yes, it has - believers in Christ are "one body" in Him, no matter what is the name of the church over a door.

--When one believes, God puts them in His church or the "body of Christ" everlastingly, to serve Him.

--We need to manifest that union. Live for Jesus.

--Let not the world see us divided by sin, but united in the Lord Jesus, by loving one another.

Some say Jesus is only a man as any other "prophet."

--So 3 times "there was a division" (9:16; 10:19).

What better way for God to unite us than by coming, not as an adult, but as a Baby - humble, harmless!

--Everyone loves a little one of God's creation.

--But Jesus was God as a Baby in Bethlehem's manger as well as the Man of Galilee, or Risen Christ!

--Jesus came to unite us in Him, not divide (John 17).

--What issues still divide some people?


--Let's get to know who Jesus is for greater unity.

--Jesus always was, came to reveal God, in a body.

--With amazing miracles and messages. Without sin.

--That He laid down His life for us, on a cross.

--That He arose "up from the grave" and was seen by many witnesses, before ascending back to heaven.

--These are historical facts, confirming the Bible.

--Jesus is God come down to save, and change us.

--Let us settle this, and we settle other issues.

In years of study, the key word of St. John is life.


--In Chapter 7 jesus answers 19 questions of people.

--He calls, "If anyone thirsts, come to Me" (v 37).

--Invites us all. Some divided because of Him."

The truth is Jesus divides the whole world, just as does right and wrong, night and day, good and evil.

--Time is divided, B.C. and A.D. - Before Christ and Anno Domini, Year of our Lord. Over the world!

--Unfortunately, people are divided; saved, unsaved.

Take His crucifixion, the two thieves crucified, on either side with Jesus, were divided in belief.

--Having heard His prayers and forgiveness words, a penitent thief said, "Lord, remember me, " repents.

--The other, scoffed, refused to believe, be saved.

--For one, it was paradise gained; the other it was paradise lost. Unbelief is the worst sin of all!

Man cannot walk on water, feed thousands with a lad's lunch, heal the lame, raise the dead - but God can!

--Jesus did all this, and so much more - as God.

--He can still our storms. Save and forgive souls.

"There was a division," yet Jesus came to unite us.

--To unite believers in Him, as Savior, Lord, God.

--Not only in John 7, but Matthew 16, Jesus asks His disciples, "Whom say men that I am?" (Mt. 16:13).

--They gave several answers but Peter said, "You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God!"

--Jesus replied, "Blessed are you, Peter..this came from My Father in heaven." Who is Jesus, to you?

--I say Jesus is Christ, God, Messiah, Savior, Lord.

--What do you say? "Who do you say that I am? (15).


--As to Who Jesus is. And where He came from.

--Some said, "out of Galilee" (v 41), so a division.

--Truly He came from eternity, Heaven. Bethlehem.

Where we come from is not as vital as what we are or where we are going. But very important for a Savior!

--Lincoln was born in a poor place, of poor parents.

--Grew up in a log cabin, to love God and all men.

--Not where Lincoln came from, but what He did!

--One of our best presidents, freed us of slavery.

--A very godly individual of prayer and faith.

Jesus was "out of Galilee," but also from heaven.

--Some thought He was just a peasant from Galilee.

--"Will Christ come out of Galilee? (John 7:41).

--Jesus' sinless, sacrificial life shows he is God.

--He fulfills the prophecies God has made to Israel.

Not where we are from, but what faith and life that you and I live that really matters to God!

--Not skin color, dress, degrees, or bank accounts.

--It is the God we worship and serve, life we live!

--Following Jesus Who can save and change anyone.

People and nations can divide over many things that bring on arguments, misunderstandings, or divorce.

--Even wars, like the Civil War; many divide or die.

--But Jesus came to bring peace, harmony, and love.

Jesus and love unite all Christians and churches!

--In Mount Clemens, MI, I served a downtown church.

--It was beside three other different denominations.

--We all got along fine. We worked together for God.

As school began the Catholic Church caught fire, destroying it and damaging the adjacent school.

--I was among the first inside to assist the Priest.

--Papers, radio, media, came to the scent; so before I knew it, I was being interviewed, afterwards.

--"Anyone would have done the same, as a Christian," I said, "It was what my Lord would do, have us do."

--We let their school use our building four months.

My friend, I give you freedom to believe or worship, as you please, but I ask for the same, for us all.

--I value all churches, but Jesus is the Savior.

--And my joy - to get men in heaven..heaven in men.

--Heaven is where Jesus came from. I want all to go.


--Think a moment, why would One leave heaven's joys, to come to a lowly manger, hardships, rejected and be crucified - knowingly? Who else, but Jesus!

--Why would He, as God, do that? To save sinners!

--You know, we all sin, and need a perfect Savior.

--For there was no other way. And no other One.

--Jesus paid a debt He didn't owe. We couldn't pay.

Jesus camee to save, show us what God is like, and to show us how to live, without fear of man or future!

--How to live in peace in a world coming to pieces.

--Show us how to get along with people - all kinds.

--For Christians to show terrorists a better way.

--Jesus said, "I am the way, truth, life. No one comes to the Father except through Me" (John 14:6).

--So we, as He, may show more love in an evil world.

When others have lost the way, Jesus leads the way.

--This is what Jesus came to earth for - you and me.

--He came as a new-born, so we may be "born again."

--By simply believing Him. Then receiving Him to be your Savior or Messiah and Lord, and follow Him.

--People recommended Jesus to me; I've been blessed.

--May I recommend Christ to you? Receive Him now.

--Best decision I ever made - or you will ever make.

--I want this for you, and all the world, to enjoy.

--We have a Living God, worth living for, let's do it.

--To be united, not divided, in the Risen Redeemer.

--Soon returning! - Wilbert D. Gough, ThD., DD. 135