Psalm 100 New King James Version (NKJV)

A Song of Praise for the Lord’s Faithfulness to His People

A Psalm of Thanksgiving.

1 Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all you lands!

2 Serve the Lord with gladness; Come before His presence with singing.

3 Know that the Lord, He is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

4 Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.

5 For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting, And His truth endures to all generations.

Dr. Gough:

Psalm 100 is a great Psalm for America to think about.

--Especially in these times, when many have hardships.

--It is about thanksgiving. To God. For His goodness.

--It is filled with joy! Praise! To give God thanks!

I see a people of thanksgiving - "all you." All of us.

--"Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all you lands" (1).

--I see the purpose of thanksgiving - "give to the Lord glory and strength. Give to the Lord the glory, due His name" (v 2). A reminder, lest we forget.

--I see the power of thanksgiving - "Know that the Lord He is God" (v 3). To be "born again" is to know Him.

--Not just know about Him, but to know the Lord.

Why to know the Lord? There is "only One, True and Living God" and He has revealed Himself in Jesus.

--"It is He Who has made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people and the sheep of His pasture."

--God has made us! Made us male and female.

--Our first parents, Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

--The family and home came first with God - before any nation - as God shows us in the Book of Genesis.

--The family still does! Let's treasure our family.

--The Bible says any promiscuity, homosexuality, same sex marriage, are an abomination to the Lord God!

--No state, or nation, is blessed allowing such evil!

--Let's not tamper with God's commands! And ways!

I see a preparation of thanksgiving.- "Enter into His gates (His house) with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise." Come, worship, with rejoicing.

Some say, "I don't have much now to be thankful for."

--Dear friend, we have more than we know!

--We have life! Food! Family! Friends! Freedom!

--No terrorists of late! A measure of health!

--No wonder the Psalmist, with his troubles, declared, "Be thankful to Him, and bless His name."

--Let's do it! Not just Thanksgiving Day. But daily.

Why thankful? I see His promise - "The Lord is good."

--He is. "His mercy is everlasting. His truth endures".

Psalm 100 is a beautiful reminder of praise .. purpose .. and purity. It profits anyone who studies it.

I remember growing up as a teen-ager, we had a man who meant a lot to we youth. A great churchman. Godly.

--Next to my Dad, and Granddad, he meant much to many.

--Always cheerful. Praising the Lord. Thanking folks.

--He was a joy, and blessing to be around.

If all of us were more like that, America would be improved a great deal, and worthy of God's blessings.

Four times in Psalm to the Lord, for He ever." Four times.

--It tells us what

-And tells us Who

--And tells us why -for He is good. His mercy endures .. continues, forever." Isn't that great?

b>I think of the ten lepers all healed by Jesus in Luke, chapter 17; but of the ten, only one gave Him thanks.

--My friend, any healing deserves our gratitude to God!

God's Word oft reminds us, "Forget not all His benefits. Who forgives all your iniquities, heals all your diseases, redeems your life from destruction, and Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies, Who satisfies your mouth with good things" (Psa 103:2-5).

We are reminded of St. Paul, oft imprisoned for Christ.

--Not for any sins, but for soul-winning.

--Yet Paul could write letters, "In everything .. give thanks .. for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you" (I Thess. 5:18). "In everything!" --May we not overlook that word "everything." Why?

--Because "this is the will of God in Christ Jesus."

Note, please, he didn't give thanks for everything.

--Some things are sad, and carry suffering and sorrow.

--Not for everything, but always "in everything"

--For he says, "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

Friend, God made us. We are "His people, His sheep."

--The Shepherd can lead His sheep .. if we ask Him.

How do we come before the Lord? Or to church?

--Downhearted? With long, sad faces? Or with joy?

--Despite his hardships, the Psalmist says, "Serve the Lord with gladness; come before His presence with singing" (v 2). With joy. Praise! Thanksgiving!

--These all remind us to come unto the Lord, "joyful."

--To rise above our burdens. Face life with a smile.

Finding thankfulness - counting blessings - does that.

--Billy Graham wrote, "Ingratitude is a sin, as surely as lying, stealing, or immorality, or any other sin."

--He was quoting Romans 1:21, that lists transgressions.

--In that list, "neither were thankful," is found.

--Failure to thank God causes selfish, unhappy people.

--Knowing Jesus makes one happy, and thankful.

We graduated from Bible college, seminary, and graduate school, and served three churches, all in Philadelphia.

--My first pastorate was a run-down church on Ridge Avenue on the north outskirts of that large city.

--Pastors hadn't lasted long. I was there three years.

--No toilet facilities at all. Poison Ivy all over.

--Only a few people. Mostly unhappy. Needed so much.

--Friends where I had been Assistant raised money, and their labor, to help equip with needed supplies.

--Floored and furnished Sunday School rooms.

--We got a loan for a new furnace. Were growing some.

--I and a few men worked all summer painting inside.

--They could barely pay me $10 a week.

It was our turn to host the community Thanksgiving Eve in our bright, painted church, we all were so proud to welcome a house full of worshipers so joyfully.

--The whole community gave thanks to the Almighty!

--But on Saturday a storm brought severe cold; the furnace installers failed to check the stone chimney!

--When I arrived early Sunday, the church was all filled with soot, thick smoke, oily cobwebs everywhere!

--All of our labors painting lost. To be done again!

I cleaned a few pews; broomed cobwebs. Held service.

--We thanked God we still had each other!

--We had the building. We had the Lord! And strength.

--We would somehow get it cleaned, painted, repaired.

--It wasn't easy! Life is not easy. We gave thanks!

We all counted our blessings instead of our losses.

--Counted our resurrections instead of our crosses.

--The church had no insurance. So all had to labor.

--It is still there today. We visited it awhile ago.

The Psalmist is right, "Be thankful, bless His name."

--Give God thanks always! We know how to be thankful.

--Do we know what it means to "bless His name"?

--It means be a blessing to God! Be thankful always.

--And, bless others .. in prayer, deed, and word.

--We greet others with a cheery "hello."

--Why not leave them with "The Lord bless you"?

When our children were young we used to play games.

--Especially on long car trips, visiting our parents.

--One was quoting Bible verses from A-to-Z.

--Another, was all the things we were thankful for!

--I think that pleases God so much to hear from us.

Many godly folks give thanks to God before meals.

--Henry Alford also gave thanks to God after meals.

--Henry Alford is the author of the hymn, "Come, Thankful People Come," often sung around Thanksgiving.

--He also emphasized giving thanks in evening prayers.

--He was a very thankful person. Family thankful.

--There is a lot of theology in that great hymn!

Some of you may be hurting this Thanksgiving.

--May be in distress various ways. Lonely, sorrowful.

--I invite you especially to come, give God thanks.

--Let's all count our many blessings! God's promises!

--Think of Jesus! "Be thankful to Him, and bless His name."

--God knows your hurts. Your needs. He cares for you.

--He suffers with us, and He did for us. He can help!

A little Sunday School girl told me, "I count my blessings, and Jesus is the greatest blessing of all!"

From beginning to end, Psalm 100 invites our thanks.

--"Come before His presence .. into His gates with ... thanksgiving .. and praise. Be thankful to Him."

Why be thankful to God? "For the Lord is good."

--Be saved! Give God thanks!

Dr. Wilbert D. Gough, ThD., DD. 742