MATTHEW 11:25-30

Aren't these words of Jesus comforting? Helpful?

--"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. My yoke is easy and My burden is light." "Come to Jesus!"

--For all of us, today. For "all who labor." All.

--For all "heavy laden," maybe you're "heavy laden."

--All invited, " will find rest."

--Real rest, for our souls, and our weary bodies.

--For God, for many people, every day is Labor Day.

--He commands one day in seven for worship and rest.

Let's open our Bibles to what Jesus has to tell us.

--Matthew 11:25 begins with His prayer; gives thanks to the Father, states, "all things have been delivered to Me" (v 27). Jesus demonstrates He's God.

Invites everyone, "Come to Me, all who labor..."

Do you labor? If able, we all do in some way.

--Labor has a purpose, for our well-being and need.

--I remember a little boy reciting, "We each have work for Jesus, some humble task, so mind it. It isn't very far away; just look around, you will find it." Be grateful for your work. For all who serve us.

--Who work making a living, to put God in our life.

--God wants to work with us, as we work with Him.

Long ago God said, "Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath."

--It is the fourth of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:9).

--The "Sabbath of the Lord your God" for rest and to worship the Lord. Let us include God's worship!

--Many today use it for recreation, and relaxation.

--Not nearly as many use it as a "day of worship."

That is why Jesus said, "Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

--What sort of rest? The rest of forgiveness! Joy!

--The rest of "being born again" by trusting Jesus.

--Franklin Graham said you can be born a Jew or Moslem; but must be "born again" to be a Christian.

--Just come as you are, in faith, love, and prayer.

--Hear Him whisper, "Come..I will rest you,"

As I study this great invitation of Jesus three important things leap[ from the page to me, to note.


--People ask, "Where can I go? Who can help me?"

--Where to come for rest - physically, spiritually - without our sin and with our sorrows and troubles?

--So many offer solutions, but not all make good.

--Crucified, risen, Jesus can help as no other can.

Jesus has walked in our paths. Knows what we face.

--"He is touched with the feelings of our infirmities." "Touched" with our struggles and sorrows.

--Our disappointments. Trials. Our weariness.

--He faced them too. Over them He was triumphant.

--Our Lord has power, and grace, to help us win.

Never forget, Jesus also labored - long, hard hours.

--He was, as you know, trained in a carpenter trade.

--He was also a Master-Teacher. A Great Physician.

--A Counsellor. Great God. Most of all the Savior.

--He cares about our labors; how well we do a job.

--Why turn anywhere, or to anyone, else? He's God!

Bertel Thorvaldsen was the greatest Danish Sculptor.

--He has a stone masterpiece, "Lion of Lucerne," in Switzerland. All over Europe, and Vatican in Rome.

--His works in the Vatican, are an honor seldom given to a Protestant; so this speaks of his quality.

--Of several works seen, his finest to me is in the very historic church in his native Copenhagen.

--A larger than life statue of Jesus, so inspiring.

--Outstretched arms, loving face, depicts when Jesus said, "Come to Me.." The verse is there on it.

--In Danish it is labled, "Komer til Mig."

--Many people come to see it, and come to Christ.


--The young, or old; rich, poor; everyone who will.

--When God invites, no one is to be excluded! All!

--"All" means all, doesn't it? No matter our past.

--God invites all to come, but we make the choice.

--Whom we will serve. Spend our life laboring for.

My dear friend, the greatest work anyone can do, is to bow down to Jesus Christ, as Savior and Lord.

--To trust and obey Him, as we seek to serve Jesus.

May I say, from years of fellowship with God in His work and worship, this whole Bible can be condensed from thousands of words, down to one - "Jesus!"

--He is the sublime subject and focus of it all.

--Why did Jesus come? Go to the Cross? Arise?

--To "finish the work" of saving sinners, as we!

My dear Mother used to say, "Be busy, for idle minds and hands become the devil's workshop."

--And again, would say, "whatever you do, do it as to the Lord - for He's watching you. Do your best."

That's what Michelangelo did - always his best!

--Many have seen, as we, his artistic masterpieces - over Rome and Florence, Italy - paintings in Sistine Chapel he was asked by one of his helpers why he lavished all the attention on a part of the ceiling no one would see?

--Michelangelo softly replied, "God will see."

--Yes, God sees all we do. Work for His "well done."

The Word of God is a Book about workers, all kinds.

--In His closing prayer of John 17 Jesus said, after concluding His miracles of all kinds, to the Father, "I have finished the work You gave me to do."

God says, "Every man's work will be judged."

--Judged not be titles, salaries or honors - but judged by all we give to it, for God's "Well Done."

In the Bible, Peter, Andrew, James, John, were fishermen ...Matthew was a tax-collector..Paul a tentmaker..Dorcas a seamstress.. David a shepherd.

--Lydia was a business-woman, "seller of purple."

--Amos, "a herdman and grower of sycamore fruit."

I have a dear friend inn Christ, Professor at the University of Michigan. A practicing dentist.

--President of Health Teams, International; with many mission trips over the world, taking family and others, to minister freely to the needy for care without cost.

--Their chief work is winning many to Jesus Christ!

--They were members in my church. Spoke in another.

--I tell you this, for we all can serve the Lord, in many ways, in a loving, winsome, witness for Jesus.

--Just as the Apostles, and saints down the ages.


--Could you use some rest? Read the book of Hebrews.

--It is not the rest of relaxation or recreation.

--It is the rest that Jesus gives for our souls!

--The forgiveness of sin; heaven's assurance, peace.

--The indwelling, infilling, of His Holy Spirit.

--My friend, it is rest that money cannot buy!

--But Jesus gives it, freely - with faith in Him.

I know there is the rest of heaven when saints die.

--Let it hold no fear for the saved. Be at rest.

--As long as we love the one we lost, we miss them; but we have not lost the one we love!

--We look forward to a glad reunion with the Lord!

--Remember, Jesus crucified, but "He arose!" Alive!

--To give eternal life, and bless all who believe!

In my West Virginia church a call came, stammering, "I need your help now, before I take my life."

--I rushed there, nearby. Found a familiar story.

--Family problems in a marriage. Sin, drin,, so on.

--I prayed, listened, as he poured out his story.

--Through stammers and tears, "I need help now - or it is a suicide. I can't go on like this. Can you help me?" He needed Jesus - for Jesus could!

--I lovingly shared the Savior, the Scriptures, and God's plan of salvation; how He saved others, me.

--"You've tried the world, and your way, try Jesus."

--He did! He repented, and changed - a "new man."

--He, his family, got God's rest. How He wants us to.

--Jesus never fails. Even when we fail Him!

Why not come to Jesus, with all your heart, family? No better "Rest." - Wilbert D. Gough, ThD, DD.

- Wilbert D. Gough, ThD.